For Roy Howat's Debussy editions, see the present Debussy page.

For his editions of Gabriel Fauré, see the Fauré page.

Other editions:

Emmanuel Chabrier: Works for [Solo] Piano (20 pieces). Dover Urtext Edition with preface and commentary by Roy Howat.
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'I have no hesitation in declaring Chabrier's Pièces Pittoresques to be as important to French music as Debussy's Preludes'
Francis Poulenc.

Roy Howat had some input in (and recommends) Roger Nichols' Peters Edition of Ravel's piano music.

Facsimile edition (in addition to those listed on the Debussy page):

Domenico Scarlatti, XXX Essercizi. Preface by Roy Howat, Paris, Editions Stil, 1977.  (This item is now harder to find.)

Two mid-1970s critical editions by Roy Howat of Handel Solo Sonatas, originally published by OUP (Musica da camera nos. 25 & 26), remain available through Allegro Music:

Sonata in D minor for violin & continuo (the sonata known as op. 1 no. 1b), first publication in the original key and instrumentation;

Fantasia [violin & continuo] and Sonata in D minor [violin or recorder & continuo] (the sonata known as op. 1 no. 9): first publication of the Fantasia, first complete publication of the Sonata in its original key