Named “2009 Book of the Year” by International Piano; other citations include an “Outstanding” rosette in International Record Review and “Editor’s Choice” in Classical Music.

This book traces the sophisticated and intricate patterns of symmetry and Golden Section that underlie the forms of Debussy’s major works, including structures based on the associated Fibonacci and Lucas number sequences.

“Roy Howat’s book represents the most important advance in unravelling the mysteries of Debussy’s music that there has ever been” – Robert Orledge in Music & Letters

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Edited and co-translated by Roy Howat

Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, Chopin, pianist and teacher; edited and co-translated by Roy Howat (co-translators Naomi Shohet and Krysia Osostowicz). Cambridge UP, 1986 (paperback 1988) ‘…indispensable to the serious student of Chopin’ – Notes, Journal of the Music Library Association. View on or

Book chapters by Roy Howat (in English)

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